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Minister of Religion

Rehoboth Christian Centre Chorley (RCCC) is looking to restructure to serve her members more and support the community better. RCCC is a parish of the RCCG and is very big on the sharing of the word, prayers, and outreaching. If you believe this aligns with what you would like to be a part of, then look through the role and if you are still confident you have what it takes, then please click the button below to apply.

Qualifications: Workers in Training Course  , Safeguarding in Churches, Experience of Teaching children is helpful.

Career level required: GCSE, Graduate or Higher Education

Education required: Relevant Professional Qualification (Accreditation)

Relevant Experience: Teaching children Experience as a Minister of Religion will be helpful

Number of Jobs available for this vacancy: 2


  • Full time as a Minister of Religion.

  • Leading the prayer  sessions , community outreach and bible studies.

  • Promotion and development of religion activities among people of the Christian community .

  • Teaching children / teenagers essential religious knowledge including teachings of the Holy bible.

  • Conducting all religious duties and paperwork in connection with weddings, deaths and other religious activities.

Closing Dates for Applications: 28 days

Application Methods: Email or in-person

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £20,964.40-£35,000.00 per year

Hours of work: 37 to 40 hours

Schedule: 7.5 to 8 hour shift

Work Location: Hybrid

Application deadline: 05/01/2024

All interested candidates are required to use the button below to send their CV, cover letter and contact information for two references. If your application is short listed, you may be required to attend an interview (could be online or in-person).

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