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Rehoboth Christian Centre Chorley (RCCC) is a Parish of the RCCG UK.

Our vision in Rehoboth Christian Centre Chorley is to Get the Lost and Gather the saints, Prepare the lost and Propel the saints and send them out to fulfill the great commission. (GPS)

Our mission is to establish the kingdom of God on earth starting with our immediate community (Chorley). This we will do by:

  • Preaching the undiluted word of God 

  • Carry out outreaches

  • Preach the gospel of hope to the lost,

  • Make prophetic prayers,

  • Minister healing to the sick,

  • Pray for deliverance of the oppressed 

  • Give food to the hungry ,

  • Clothes to the naked and

  • Shelter to the homeless.

Rehoboth Christian Centre Chorley is a place to be. It is a place where the WORD of God works WONDERS, PRAYERS are answered, the PRAISE move Mountain and the FELLOWSHIP is just awesome.


In Rehoboth Centre, everyone is welcome and very important. We are BIG ENOUGH to ACCOMMODATE you and small enough to give you SIGNIFICANCE


Rehoboth Christian Centre, Chorley is  a Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) UK.

The RCCG Uk has over 710 Parishes all over the UK with its head office in Knebworth London.

RCCG Rehoboth Christian Centre was planted by the RCCG Haven of Rest Preston and the name Rehoboth came as a revelation from God and it means ..NOW THE LORD HAS MADE ROOM FOR US AND WE SHALL BE FRUITFUL IN THE LAND - Genesis 26:22 therefore we will not struggle nor strive with anyone.

Rehoboth Christian Centre is the Church of GOD and as God has said I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it Matthew 16:18.


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